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Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches is a company that specializes in acquiring and delivering cars from auctions in Europe. On their official website, you will find detailed information about the services offered. Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches provides customers with the opportunity to choose and purchase cars of various makes and models at automotive auctions across Europe. They collaborate with various auctions and have access to diverse cars. The team of experts is always ready to provide professional assistance and consultations at every stage of the purchase process, including selection, assessment, legal documentation, and delivery.

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  1. I bought a car cheaper than I would have bought in Saudi Arabia. The company bought and brought to the port of Jeddah Land Rover Range Rover Sport,2021,5.0 As a result of such a transaction, I bought a car much cheaper than its market value. Satisfied with cooperation with the company

  2. Took the car in installments, issued everything quickly. I paid a commission (40%), the contract was drawn up. Delivery to Dubai city took 29 days.

  3. Mercedes-Benz G63,2020. Now my car and I am very happy. They do all the documentation themselves, I had nothing to do with this process.

  4. I have only made an advance payment of 30% (€21,000) of the value of the BMW M8,2021. I took the car in my city. Great job!

  5. I considered that it is more profitable to buy immediately through usdt crypto. The deal was closed quickly, the car was bought quickly.

  6. They brought me a Lamborghini Urus from an auction. Managers are professionals in their field, information on buying and redeeming a car is available without problems, documents are processed quickly, I transferred money and on the same day my car was bought. During customs clearance and redemption, the car is immediately registered to the owner. Everything is fine!

  7. Accompaniment of the transaction from the conclusion of the contract to the purchase of a car, they send a photo-video report, everything is honest.

  8. Delivered to Ed Dammam in 29 days, great company! He issued an installment plan for the car, paid 40% of the cost of the car, sent documents and a contact with his signature. The company did an excellent job.

  9. Everything is clear, fast and, as always, without delay. It was also a shopping experience! These guys can be trusted!

  10. I regularly buy cars here, 2-3 cars a year. Always fast, accurate and reasonably priced. The cars arrive at the port of Casablanca in Morocco.

  11. I am satisfied with the work of the company, everything is clear, clear, all payments are clear, they wrote a lot of options, they bought a car in a little more than a week. All arranged. Thank you.

  12. Only the most pleasant impressions remained from the company – they work honestly, explain everything clearly, send detailed photos and descriptions of the car!

  13. I found reviews about this company on the Internet, contacted the manager and discussed all the conditions. Everything went super, quickly, clearly and efficiently. They brought a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT63 for 100,000 euros

  14. To all the employees who were involved in the purchase and delivery of my order, thank you all! If I change cars, I know who to contact now!

  15. Bought a 2022 Audi E-tron car last year. Managers told everything in an accessible way, prepared documents, etc. Thanks for the great and professional work! For a new car now I know who to contact!

  16. I saw on their website a very large selection and excellent prices for cars. Decided to take. We chose with the manager of the Land Rover Range Rover, and we settled on it. I paid 40% of the cost and the next day the car was purchased under my documents.

  17. I bought a PORSCHE 911,2022,3.8 1.238km through them for 180000€. He sent me a signed contract and paid for the car. I’m glad there are companies like this on the market.

  18. I liked the organization of work in the company. Any questions I had were answered promptly and accurately. It was nice to work.
    I will recommend to friends as reliable business partners.

  19. The car was successfully purchased and prevezno. Anyone who wants to repeat my experience, I wish patience! . I wish you success and more sane clients!

  20. The modern remote transaction, the first in my life, took place. Boldly and confidently stepping into this business, I paid the invoice issued to me before loading the car onto the ship, waiting for the arrival of the car – 29 days! Completely satisfied with the machine!

  21. Everything is clear about payments – we paid the cost of the car to Europe for an auction ourselves, so there were no questions about additional payments, of course – everything was initially very transparent. Bought a 2023 MERCEDES EQS53 with 1.300km mileage.

  22. Hello everyone, the car arrived at the port of Jebbel Ali 4 weeks after payment, after which it was delivered by an auto carrier to my city.

  23. Paid with cryptocurrency. I did not even expect that the purchase process could be so simple and safe. In addition, this allowed me to save time and avoid additional fees that could arise when paying by other methods.

  24. Hello! The buying process was not difficult. I chose a car on their website, threw off the option to the manager, the manager sent me a contract, I signed it and sent it back. I also transferred an advance payment of 40% of the cost of the car. Car delivery is paid – 2500 €. The delivery time was not violated, 30 days were registered in the contact, they brought it in 29. I picked up the car in my city Ajman in United Arab Emirates

  25. Don’t make the wrong choice! I paid for the car, delivery, auction fee and after 2 weeks the car was picked up at the port of Jeddah. I recommend. Business success companies.

  26. The car was bought quickly, it took 29 days for delivery to the port of Jeddah! Bought a great Land Rover Range Rover Sport

  27. For cars from Europe only here. Professionals in their field. Purchase, transportation, preparation for issuance, everything is on top! It was 100% worth the wait

  28. The car is fully consistent with the description presented at the auction. Satisfied with every detail and feature!

  29. Many thanks to the company for the excellent organization of delivery and support of the transaction. You are great!

  30. The whole process of purchasing the car went smoothly. I made an advance payment of 30% of the cost of the car, after which the company purchased the car, prepared it for shipment, and I paid the remaining amount. My car was sent by ship and delivered within the agreed time frame – only 28 days.

  31. Everything was at the highest level, the company professionally removed the car from the auction and sent it to me without delay.

  32. I am very satisfied with my experience of buying a car at auction through this company. The whole transaction was transparent and well organized. I received a high quality car exactly as described in the auction. It is especially important to note the efficiency and attentiveness of the company’s employees, who were always ready to help me in any matters.

  33. Thanks to the company, I can now enjoy my new car and have confidence in its quality. I recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a reliable and professional partner when buying a car at an auction.

  34. Just 24 days later my car arrived at the port. And the port services were just brilliant! They arranged a flawless collection process for my car, without any problems or delays. I felt like a famous movie character, where everyone serves me and does their best to make me happy. The organization of this delivery was at the highest level, and I had no doubt that the company would do everything possible for my complete satisfaction!

  35. It’s nice when you just choose a car, and they take care of all the other delivery problems, because. I suppose that working with all customs clearances and deliveries is not quite simple. I will recommend this company to all my friends! It’s a pleasure to work with you and more good clients for you!

  36. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and convenient the process of buying a car remotely turned out to be. The advance payment and the subsequent payment of the remaining amount went through without any delays or problems. The car was ready for shipment to me quickly.

  37. Bought with the help of a car company. Arrived pretty quickly, which made me very happy. The car was in the same condition as in the photo, the same mileage, fair price.

  38. Good afternoon I was very pleased with the purchase of a 2022 Mercedes-Benz G500 with a 4.0 Benzin engine, both for myself and for my family.

  39. After signing the supply contract, I chose the car I want to buy. After a short time, I paid for the car and after 4 weeks I received it in Cairo.

  40. The quality of the car and its cost completely aligned with the terms of the contract, which pleasantly surprised me. Everything went smoothly, and I am satisfied.

  41. The company provides excellent conditions. After comparing several firms, I found they offer the quickest turnaround times. Perhaps they have more experience and good customs connections. At the auction, I managed to buy an AUDI RS6, 2023, 4.0 for just 128,999€.

  42. I learned that the company has been in the market for a while and has imported many cars. After reading reviews, I also chose them to buy a MERCEDES-BENZ GLE63. It’s been three months of using the car, and everything is going well.

  43. I managed to purchase a 2022 Land Rover Range Rover Sport with a mileage of 1630 km for 89,000 euros. The car was with me in Marseille in three weeks.

  44. Initially, I wanted to buy a car, and I knew that many people buy cars in Europe. I decided to give it a try but didn’t know how everything worked. I reached out on Telegram, where the manager explained everything in detail. 4 weeks later, I made the final decision to purchase a car from Europe. I was completely satisfied with the result.

  45. Communication with the manager was done through Telegram. I made a 30% advance payment, and the car was delivered to Kuwait in 25 days. Everything went very smoothly and transparently. Thank you very much for that!

  46. Everything went smoothly. Picked up the car, the car is in excellent condition. I was very pleased. I paid immediately, as I already have experience of cooperation with the company.

  47. Thank you for your work. I recommend! Everything is fast, reliable, I am very pleased with the work of the guys! From now on we will only contact you and recommend you to our friends!!! prosperity to you

  48. Bought for the first time in my life remotely and from an auction in Europe. I paid both the advance payment and the final amount for the car before loading onto the ship by SWIFT transfer.

  49. Went on a recommendation and didn’t regret it. The manager explained everything thoroughly, if I made mistakes, he helped me correct it, gave a lot of tips, was always in touch, I was satisfied with the delivery and the work of the company, I will recommend it to my friends.

  50. Executed a contract for the purchase and supply of Land Rover Range Rover in Dubai. If you arrange a car in installments, then the down payment is 40% of the price of the car, like mine, I advise the company. The company is honest, and carries great cars at great prices!

  51. The prices for the services rendered are adequate, transparent and do not change during the purchase process! In general, the whole transaction is legally clear for both parties, consulted with a lawyer during the acquaintance with the contract.

  52. We bought a Mercedes through this company in October. We selected the options ourselves, but promptly received reports on the car’s condition. They worked very efficiently on the car; all the provided information about the technical condition and mileage was accurate. They delivered it in 4 weeks!

  53. I bought an almost brand-new AUDI RSQ8 with minimal mileage in the maximum configuration. The company handled the delivery of the car to Qatar.

  54. The entire communication process took place on WhatsApp. Under the contract made an advance payment of 30%. After 29 days, the car was with me. Brought Bentley Bentayga

  55. Good evening! Today, they picked up my Porsche Cayenne 2022 from the port of Jebel Ali. Very satisfied with the received car.

  56. I bought a car from an auction in Europe through this company. If you want to buy a car from Europe, turn to them; the staff is honest, and the car prices are below market rates.

  57. I had heard before that they have a good selection of cars on their website, and now I’ve seen it for myself. I bought a Mercedes-Benz GLE63.

  58. I only signed a remote contract last week. I calculated that it’s more advantageous to go through this company than directly to the dealership. So, thank you for such prices and conditions.

  59. Sending money to the auction did not cause any confusion – everything was quick and easy. Plus, I already have my car at Riyadh! Many thanks to this wonderful company for the quality service!

  60. I read the reviews, liked what customers write about this company, decided that I will be buying from them! Will recommend you to my acquaintances!

  61. It took about 29 days from the moment I contacted them to the car’s arrival at the Jebel Ali port in the United Arab Emirates.

  62. The company advised me literally on every point. Everything about paperwork is transparent and understandable, there are no additional payments, etc. Thank you very much and good luck in your future career!

  63. I can recommend it to everyone, as I myself checked this company with the purchase of a Mercedes-Benz GLE63 for myself. Picked up the car at the port of Jeddah

  64. Received photo reports and transport documents for the car. All transfers were made through a crypto exchange. Thanks for the car.

  65. I found my car in their catalog on their website. I always wanted a Lamborghini Urus, and I finally bought one. Mileage is 2,650 km. Together with the delivery and auction fees, I paid €302,000 for the car.

  66. If you are afraid to order a car from Europe and trust your money, then this company is exactly what you need! Maximum feedback and responsibility, quickly and reliably! In 28 days they brought a Porsche Taycan to Sharjah

  67. They do all the documentation themselves, I had nothing to do with this process. I needed an extension. They gave me right there, at 3 percent a year.

  68. I liked that all the nuances are included in the contract, everything is honest and well thought out. The transportation was organized promptly; I literally picked up my car from the port of Jeddah two weeks after that. Before loading onto the ship and sending it to me, I paid the remaining amount for my car!

  69. I purchased a truly excellent car with their help! I’ve been driving it for the third month now and I’m enjoying it! Thank you very much!

  70. The delivery time by car carrier was 29 days, and the process was organized and flawless. I even used USDT cryptocurrency for payment, which turned out to be a convenient and fast method. The car is already in my garage.

  71. The payment process was very simple and secure. I personally paid for the car via SWIFT transfer to the auction’s account. The company provided me with all the necessary details and instructions to make the payment without any issues. I was confident that my money would be safe.

  72. I purchased a 2020 Rolls-Royce Wraith with a 6.7-liter petrol engine for 189,000 euros. The company indeed offers excellent prices for cars. I am completely satisfied with the deal and express my immense gratitude for the delivery to Liechtenstein!

  73. Just a few months ago, I didn’t even think it was possible to buy a car without leaving my home. But this company has changed my mind about buying a car! All stages of the transaction, from signing the contract to payment, were carried out online. And after payment, my car was immediately prepared for shipment.

  74. I decided to buy and deliver a car from a European auction and was very pleased. The company did everything quickly and competently, there were no delays in the terms. I left the port of Jeddah in my own car. I am infinitely happy.

  75. The purchase was entirely online, which I really liked! I bought a Ferrari GTC4Lusso. It was delivered to the port of Jebel Ali in the UAE in four weeks, and I picked up the car there.

  76. Bought an Audi Q8, 2022, 3.0. Thanks for organizing the purchase, delivery, and registration. The contract was fully complied with. I highly recommend the company!

  77. Bought a 2020 Porsche Panamera. The car was received within 29 days. The car is very reliable and comfortable. Thank you very much for your help!

  78. I studied their activities, they have been working for more than a year. My purchase for Ferrari GTC 4,2018,6.2 is done!

  79. At the request of the company, I wrote this review to share my experience. I’m glad I found this company! I saved a significant amount of money on the purchase. The manager sent me the contract, I reviewed and signed it. I transferred the money in two stages: first the deposit for purchase (30%), then the second part of the payment before loading the car onto the ship. The car has already been received, and I’m satisfied with the deal!

  80. I independently paid for the car with a SWIFT transfer to the auction account and received the transport documents and a report on the loading of my car onto the car carrier. Picked it up in Calgary after 28 days, thanks.

  81. Delivery to Qatar took 4 weeks. I was satisfied with the quality of the car. Ferrari GTC4Lusso looks great on the road!

  82. I read reviews about them and watched YouTube videos (which partly also influenced my decision to choose them – because you tend to trust a company more when you can see how it operates in that format, how things work) Three days from now, it’s time to pick up my car, and if I don’t forget, I’ll report back on how everything goes.

  83. For those who are waiting for the car – endurance and patience. If you have any doubts – believe me, this team is professionals in their field. I have previously worked with other companies, but here you will do GOOD!

  84. Payment by SWIFT transfer was very convenient and secure. The advance payment at the conclusion of the transaction was only 30%, which was a very profitable offer. All conditions were clearly stipulated, and I made the rest of the payment before loading onto the ship. The purchase went smoothly and without any problems.

  85. I am satisfied with the car, the work of the company is excellent!
    I heard a lot about their company, only good things. Therefore, when the issue of replacing the car came up, I immediately contacted them and did not regret it. There is an installment plan for ordinary people – great!

  86. Good afternoon, yesterday I received the numbers for the purchased car. I want to thank the team for a job well done. Everything went smoothly, reliably, clearly and quickly. I will recommend you!

  87. After purchasing my car at an auction, there are no words to describe how pleased I am with this decision. Best purchase of my life!

  88. We waited for about 4 weeks with a little, the guys worked out everything clearly and helped to buy a car, it arrived in excellent condition, as promised. Huge thanks for this.

  89. The car was handed over to me at the port of Jebel Ali after three and a half weeks. Although I thought it would happen earlier, there were delays in the work of the port. Nevertheless, I was satisfied, as there were no further problems.

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