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Welcome to Bit Trade

Today’s realities create conditions where the implementation of innovative digital technologies is becoming more and more relevant. In particular, the implementation of the distributed ledger technology as well as decentralized information platforms whose infrastructure operates using this technology.

Our Company strives to keep pace with the times and provides services for interaction with one of the up-to-date and dynamically developing decentralized information platforms based on the distributed ledger technology — the Bitbon System Social Network.

The development of the Bitbon System is aimed at upgrading e-commerce using tools of the distributed ledger technology, which allow implementation of new means of accounting and disposing of property including financial resources in deals with products and services.

Bit Trade specializes in state-of-the-art service to provide Bitbon software buy/sell transactions between website Users to access the Bitbon System Social Network as well as in partnership service to promote products and services available on the website.

In addition to a wide range of basic services, the Company also provides a full range of qualified information and technical support for giving timely advice to Users on the use of Bit Trade services.