Choosing and purchasing a car is a significant event in everyone’s life. Many of us dream of a reliable and functional vehicle that will serve us for years. However, as real-life experiences show, not all car dealerships adhere to honest and transparent business practices. One example of such a negative situation is the story of

What is is an online platform that offers services for selecting and purchasing cars from auctions. It seems like a convenient way to find a good car and save a substantial amount of money. However, as one of’s customers found out, choosing a car through this platform can come with significant risks.

Customer’s Story:

One of’s customers was deceived and disappointed with his purchase. As he described, he trusted the reputation and promises of and bought a car at an auction through this service. The car was presented as technically sound and lightly damaged. However, after receiving the car, it turned out to be a flood-damaged vehicle with serious technical issues.

Responsibility of

Instead of taking responsibility for the erroneous description of the car and assisting the customer in resolving the issue, declined any support or compensation. This case highlights serious problems in the practices and business ethics of this company.

How to Avoid Such Situations:

To avoid similar negative experiences and disappointments when choosing a car, consider the following advice:

  • Research:
    Conduct thorough market research and investigate the companies you plan to interact with. Reviews from other customers and ratings can be valuable tools in making an informed decision.
  • Car Inspection:
    Do not rely solely on the seller’s words. When purchasing a car, consult an independent mechanic or expert to conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s technical condition.
  • Transaction Transparency:
    Pay special attention to the documentation and terms of the transaction. Ensure that all the seller’s commitments are clearly and comprehensively outlined in the contract.
  • Warranties and Insurance:
    Consider the possibility of purchasing additional warranties or insurance that can protect you from losses in case of unexpected problems.
  • Communication with the Seller:
    Maintain active communication with the seller and ask important questions before making the deal. The more information you gather, the lower the chances of unpleasant surprises.

Choosing and purchasing a car is a significant decision, and it is important to approach it with caution. The negative experience of a customer with is an example of how unscrupulous companies can disappoint their clients. By following recommendations and prioritizing your safety, you can avoid such traps and deception when selecting a car.


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